Founded in 2001, Plastrons Ltd quickly expanded its operations and is currently one of the leading event marketing companies with unique skills in powerful cartoon character development.

Cartoon Character Development
Plastrons Ltd. is actively promoting creativity industry with the creation of cartoon character Bon Bonn and a series of cartoon characters. Since 2002, Bon Bonn appeared in numerous media like mobile multimedia, RoadShow animations, department stores and chained stores as activity spokesman, product icon and fund-raising ambassador. Furthermore, Bon Bonn is so attractive to become the first local cartoon character that business spread over the globe.

Multimedia and Animation
Over the years, Plastrons has created a series of Bon Bonn animations to spread many informative and educational messages to the audience. The healthy, kind-hearted and lovely image of Bon Bonn has accessed to the audience quickly and become an important media and channel to pass positive messages to the society.

Product Development
As the ambassador of a series of large promotional activities, Bon Bonn¡¦s lovely and healthy image successfully attracted generous consumption by citizens. Additionally, Plastrons has developed numerous creative yet also functional premiums which truly match with clients' promotion stretagies and needs, setting up extremely valuable reputation and potential business opportunities.

The co-operation of many well-know licensees to develop sets of Bon Bonn copyrighted products and services has drawn extremely huge consumption moved by Bon Bonn¡¦s lovely image. Bon Bonn became the mascot cum activity ambassador of ¡§Gymnastics Elites Extravaganza¡¨ to officially celebrate 10th anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR and "Henderson Land Cup National Individual Championships Of Artistic Gymnastics" in 2011. Invited the strongest national gymnasts to perform appaulsing shows, Bon Bonn showed its indispensable role and leading position to local cartoon character development.

A series of Bon Bonn themed study materials have been launched with the co-operations of well-known publishers(eg. Longman, Crown(HK), Sing Tao Daily and Hong Kong Economic Times). The copyrighted books and comics help promoting the philosophy of acquisition of knowledge to the society and children are hence study with ease and happiness.

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